Tear Drop Project

Tear Drop Project
Shanghai China Trip
About Me
I first saw a tear drop trailer on a TV show.  Did not think about building one at that time, had to many other building projects going on.  Then a year or so later, we were in California and I saw one in real life.  Started thinking more about building one.   One day while surfing the web, I search on tear drops and Wow!!! got the itch to build one.  On the freeway to day there was one ahead of me.  What to do but speed up and have a look.  There it was in all it's glory.  Well I order a set of plans the (8' Cubby) from Kuffel Creek Press, found the trailer at Harbor Freight, get this was on sale for $299.

Trailer and Deck Frame Construction

Side Layout and Construction

Body Construction

Door and Hatch Construction

Galley Construction

First Trip


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