Tear Drop

Side Layout & Construction

8 ' Cubby Tear Drop Trailer

Laying out the sides using a sheet rock square and ruler

Another view of the laying out process

Laying out the top radius using small nails and batten

Back view of the sides

Sides cut out

TD sides

Another view of the sides.

First Side Panel to be set on Trailer

Side view looking from the front of trailer

Supports holding the Sides level

Sides mounted on trailer front view

Bulk head walls mounted looking from the front.

Framing out the Inside door

Where is my pencil???

Bulk head walls skin

Door frame out on sides

Pre built cabinets install

Another view of cabinets install

Cutting out the inside skins

Testing fit of inside skins

View of inside skins

Scrap plywood to mount T nut for the fender bolts

Close up of T nut mount

Ready to put on the inside skins

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