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Welcome to John and Carolina's Adventure Web Site!

Carolina and I live in El Paso, TX. We like to sail, kayak, scuba dive and go camping. Our site will go through the construction of a Tear Drop Trailer and will document other projects, I will be working on.

                         The Tear Drop is done. Completed it May 1,2005.                           

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Upcoming Projects and events

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bulletHappitrails Tear Drop
bulletRetro Tear Drop
bulletGuillemot Kayaks
bulletWest Texas Xterra Club
bullet El Butte Sailors Club

 The Little Auk Kayak from Guillemot Kayaks

 Trikala 19  A Trihull Sail Boat

 Aquasub  One man Submarine    

  Kayaking Trip Mission Bay, Ca. Discussion Board & Forums
bulletTear Drop Trailers
bulletKayak Forum
bulletCanoeing and Kayaking Information
bulletWind Rider Sailing
bulletLas Cruces kayaking Group  

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